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What's New on hikingwithmybrother.com

Jer's PhotoWe're constantly receiving feedback from our readers and we're always looking for ways to make the website better. In response, over the last month we've implemented a few changes which you may have already noticed. In case you missed it, here are some new additions:

Highest Point: We've had many requests to start including the highest elevation point in our trip reports so hikers can use it to roughly judge the snow level of a hike. Moving forward, new trip reports will include "Highest Point", but it will be awhile before we get all of our older trips updated with this information.

About Page: Many of you have been reading our posts for a while so you know our story, however we realize that newcomers might be interested in what we're about. We've added a new About Hiking With My Brother page that new visitors can check out.

Social Networking: What blog is complete these days without being tied into Facebook and Twitter? We'll be using our new Facebook Page to share updates such as where we are hiking and the latest blog news. The Facebook Page will also serve as a forum for questions and discussion. The Network Blogs application is now setup to publish to the Facebook Page. If Twitter is your cup of tea, all Facebook posts are setup to post to our Twitter account as well.

Map Update: The map now uses a browser cookie to store its latitude, longitude, zoom, and map type so when you navigate to a different page on the blog, the state of the map remains the same! Now you can use the map to browse different hikes, and never lose your place when you look at trip reports. If you want to restore the map to it's original state, just click the "Reset Map" link located in the upper right-hand corner of the map. Keep in mind that you need enable cookies for this feature to work. Cookies are usually enabled by default, but if you're having trouble, here are some articles on enabling cookies if you're using Internet Explorer or if you're using Firefox.

As always, send your feedback to hikingwithmybrother@gmail.com and we'll keep the improvements coming. Thanks! -Jer


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