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Kendall Peak - Photosynths

Jer's PhotoTo remind everyone of sunnier days, I saved a photosynth that I put together this summer from the vista of Kendall Peak. I took the photos for this synth as we walked north along the ridge to try an capture what it's like to traverse the peak. To the east, the mountain drops into Commonwealth Basin and rises to Snoqualmie Mountain and Guye Peak. To the west is Rampart Ridge and Alta Mountain. Snoqualmie Pass ski area, and Mt. Rainer are visible to the south, and Red Mountain and the horn of the Mt. Thompson cut the sky to the north.

The second synth is of the unofficially named Kendall Peak Falls. We happened upon these falls in late October when we were taking an alternate route back from Commonwealth Basin along the Pacific Crest Trail. We missed these falls the first time we hiked the trail during the summer because they were obscured behind heavy underbrush. With autumn in full swing, there were fewer leaves, and more rainfall which made it easy to spy these falls on the cliffs above. Unable to resist the allure of clambering to a waterfall, we scrambled through the devils club and up the rocky stream bed for a closer look. - Jer


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