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Hiking with My Brother on Backpacker.com

Nathan's Photo
We’re excited to announce that we are now working with Backpacker Magazine to help share and promote hikes around the Pacific Northwest. In recent years, Backpacker has been expanding their focus beyond multi-day backpacking treks to encompass shorter day hikes close to major cities. When editors at the magazine went looking for local hikers to help catalog days hikes, they quickly found hikingwithmybrother.com and enlisted us to lend a hand. Not only will we be sharing our hikes with the Backpacker.com community, occasionally our submissions will be presented as a featured “Destination” by Backpacker Magazine.

The first hike the Backpacker folks have chosen to feature is Poo Poo Point. We’re hoping as the season heats up we’ll be able to get some interesting and unique hikes out to that community.

Sadly, we missed out on our hike last week, but we’ve got a great hike lined up for this weekend, so stay tuned. - Nathan


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