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Heybrook Lookout Trail #1070

Our Hiking Time: 1h 20mins
Total Ascent: 880ft
Highest Point: 1700ft
Total Distance: 2 miles
Location: N 47° 48.6299, W 121° 31.5180
Required Permit: Northwest Forest Pass
Difficulty: Easy

Nathan's PhotoAlways have a backup. Road closures and misinformation eventually forced us to abandon our planned hike this week along with a sizeable chunk of the morning. Finding ourselves suddenly short on time, we fell back to Heybrook Lookout, a short jaunt we were saving for just such an emergency.

Heybrook Lookout Trail #1070 is a just shy of a mile but gains roughly 800’ though second-generation forest still recovering from a clearcut in the 1920’s. A lookout was first placed here in 1925, and by 1932 a 45’ tower was erected. That tower stood until replaced by a larger tower in 1964. heybrook lookout hikingwithmybrotherThe current lookout was built in the late 1990’s, stands 73’ tall, and offers some excellent views of Mount Baring, Mount Persis, Mount Index, and Bridal Veil Falls.

Though it’s probably a little too short to warrant the drive out in and of itself, Heybrook makes an excellent side trip on the way to the slopes or in conjunction with another short hike. On the other hand, this is a great hike to bring those non-hiking friends on – quick and easy rewards just off the highway may pave the way for future outings. Best of luck and enjoy the views!

To get there, take Highway 2 just past milepost 37, shortly after the Index turnoff. Parking for the trailhead is a widened gravel shoulder on the north side of the highway. - Nathan

Heybrook Lookout


Brian said...

Hiked the trail last Sunday - Great trail if your part mountain goat. All kidding aside - lots of fun - started out raining, snowed half the way up - went sunny long enough for Uncle Jeremy to hook the 4 kids up with hot chocolate, then hailed as we left. One of our kids found some perscription glasses (Lost Glasses). If they are yours send me an email at b_gasseling@hotmail.com

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