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Sunset Mine - Trout Creek

Our Hiking Time: 3h
Total Ascent: 800ft
Highest Point: 1650ft
Total Distance: 4 miles
Location: N 47° 51.4320, W 121° 27.9060
Required Permit: None
Difficulty: Easy

Nathan's PhotoEvery once in awhile we like to take a break from lakes, waterfalls, and mountaintops, and take a hike out to something a little different. After touring the Mineral City town site, we found a few other abandoned mining operations and decided to do a little exploring. Sunset Mine was easily accessible and looked exciting, so we geared up and headed out to Index.

sunset mine hikingwithmybrother
Tromping around Sunset Mine is more a stroll through history than it is a hike, but what it lacks in distance it more than makes up for in the fun of investigating the mines. Obviously, all tunnels and openings should be approached with caution, but the two large stopes have collapsed enough that they are now fairly shallow and do not go back much more than 200 feet. Lingering wooden beams and platforms seem to be the most unstable, so we avoided getting too close to them. All it all, the area was fun to explore. If you’re looking for a longer hike, there are supposedly more claims along Trout Creek further past the Sunset Mine, just keep following the road to find them.

There's a lot more to Sunset Mine, and you can learn all about it in our book, Hiking Through History Washington.  You'll find a trail map, route descriptions, history, and more for this and many more hikes throughout the State. Help support hikingwithmybrother.com and the work we do by picking up a copy!

To get there, take Highway 2 to the Index turnoff. Drive past Index and continue on the Index-Galena Road for about five miles to the Trout Creek Bridge, just before the road washout. Just past the bridge take a right onto a forest road. If the gate is open, decide whether to park your vehicle here or brave the two miles of pothole-ridden road to the mill foundation. Most four-wheel drive vehicles should be able to make it without too much difficulty. Remember the mines can be dangerous, so keep your explorations safe. -Nathan

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Sunset Mine Trout Creek


Anonymous said...

We hiked this trail today all the way to the mine. we were able to find the foundation of the old mill and the small cart shaft. we walked just a bit further and found the old logging bridge. we did not venture too far up the hill side but we are set to do it again. We have followed your site for the last few months visiting Melmont, Fairfax and now the Sunset Mine. our next goal is Monti Cristo before it is closed. Thank you so much for these walks. if there is anyway you could post your GPX file for the mine.....we would really appreciate it.

Jer said...

Hi! Thanks for following the blog, and I'm glad you found the information useful! Unfortunately all the maps in the trip reports went out of service this weekend, and we are working to get them fixed. Meanwhile, you can find the GPX file for this trip at this URL:



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the location of the GPX file. we went back today and found 2 feet of fresh snow pack all the way to the mine. We did the trail with three teenage boys and two 8 year old boys and had an absolute fantastic time.

aj davis said...

cool site I came a cross it by mistake

aj davis said...

gotta Qs
I heard road was hit by a land slide from the bottom is it still washed away or can u drive up to the mine

Nathan said...

SR 6320 is still closed, AJ. You can't drive it, but you could bike.

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